Is Asphalt Paving or Concrete Better For Your Driveway?

Paving For Driveways

When conducting driveway paving, the two main materials you can choose from are asphalt and concrete. Selecting the right one can be a tough decision, since it’s one that’s not quite an exact science. Here are some benefits of both:


Concrete Paving

  1. Lasts longer

This is definitely a big plus in terms of how often you’d have to replace the driveway. In particular, the costs and effort to do that can be somewhat taxing, so the longevity of concrete is definitely an issue to consider. However, it’s not the only one, so you should also consider issues such as the benefits of asphalt, issues related to your use of the driveway, etc.


  1. Needs less maintenance

While this isn’t always true, it’s generally the case. So you should consider issues such as how much time you have to maintain the driveway, how much effort you’re willing to put in, and the costs of conducting maintenance. If any of these issues are major ones for you, then it’s highly advisable that you choose concrete over asphalt.



Asphalt Paving

  1. Less expensive to install

This is certainly an issue if you’re constructing a driveway on a limited budget, and particularly if you want Asphalt Calgary Paving. Of course, money shouldn’t be the only issue you consider when installing a driveway. However, it’s definitely a big one, as you don’t want the driveway installation to have a negative effect on your finances.


  1. Easier to repair

This is an issue to consider if the repairs would be DIY (Do It Yourself), you want to minimize the cost of repairing the driveway, and so on. Driveways get a lot of foot and tire traffic, so it’s important to minimize the repairs whenever possible. One way to do that is to choose asphalt over concrete, since the repairs would be easier. This will definitely make your life easier if you have to do repairs.


  1. Winter damage less likely

This is due to the fact that concrete can become easily damaged in the wintertime if you choose the wrong de-icing product. On the other hand, if you use asphalt, you won’t have that problem since it can better withstand the application of such products.


  1. Better for weather fluctuations

If the area where you live has many weather fluctuations, then you should definitely consider asphalt over concrete. The reason is that when the weather changes between cold and warm frequently, concrete will be more likely to crack. That’s certainly a potential problem, as it could result in needed repairs. On the other hand, asphalt will be better suited for such temperature changes.


  1. Cheaper for bigger jobs

If you have a big driveway and want to reduce the overall costs, then you should certainly consider asphalt over concrete. If your driveway is a smaller one, then it’s less of an issue that you should consider. In either case, it’s important to do some number crunching, so you know the exact cost of using either type of material. Otherwise there would be too much guesswork involved.

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